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Monday, 15/10/2012, 20:30 Lecture on "design tips and home upgrades"-By: Efrat Hacohen Tzimerman Friday 19/10/2012 from 11:00 AM "Gallery talks" and a guided tour in Hebrew. Friday 26/10/2012 from 12:30 AM guided tour in Hebrew. Tuseday 30/10/2012 –20:30 "RED FLOWER BAND" Greek music
Opening of "Exhibition – Fire" in the Moshe Castel museum of art 4.10.2012
Thursday 4/10/12 Sukkot Opening of "Exhibition – Fire" in the Moshe Castel museum of art. The exhibition runs till 30.11.2012. About 40 sculpture artists will exhibit their finest bronze works for 2 months. **It is recommended to follow the publications and the website updates to ensure the events details.
Daniela & Allan's wedding at the MOSHE CASTEL MUSEUM, Friday 3/8/2012
What's more suitable & exciting than a wedding at the Moshe Castel museum on T"u B'Av - the day of LOVE? A Chupa overlooking the breathtaking view of Jerusalem, inside the museum- food and dancing, and lots of joy... Here are some photos from the magical event for your enjoyment :)
Odyssey translation book launch at the Museum 5.3.2012
Israeli evening singing 9.11.2011
The Beatles 23.11.2011
The wedding of Avivit and Arie in the museum 4.2011
The cornerstone ceremony of the museum 1992
The opening of the museum 2/2010
Recognition ceremony of the city Maale-Adummim in honor of David Ovadia 5/2010
Walking Community Toasting 9/2010
dedication event to school principals and parents committees
Violin concert and singing with the virtuoso Mirel Reznik 8/2010
CEOs Conference 4/2010
Visit of Mr. Jack Grunspan Executive Vice President of Bnai Zion Foundation
Customers of American Express
Announcing a special event for American Express customers, taking place at the Moshe Castel Museum. Come see a unique series of 12 paintings with artistic and financial value that were copied and produced by the Artnova Gallery using a special technique. The Gallery, which was established in 1982, creates and designs soft paintings using a technique that was developed in Israel by local artists. The technique, which is done by hand, replaces a paint brush with scraps of fabric. Colors are acrylic fibers and the pencil lines are produced by threads. This art is created by thousands of pin punctures. The technique is durable making for a very long shelf life.

Stories from Moshe Castel's Paintings


1.Jacob and Rachel, 1948

Through the use of Biblical images Moshe Castel conveys the love story between the characters of Jacob and Rachel.


2.Resting Gardner, 1927

The art during the Parisian period was inspired by European art, the figure is not a local model but  her colors and shades are reminiscent of the East. Moshe Castel integrated in his work both his surroundings and his past experience – he incorporated his time abroad both in Paris and in New York.


3.Olive Gathering, 1940

The monumental work of Castel, expresses in a colorful and exciting form, depicts the life of the agricultural laborer whose work, family and community are  interwoven. 


4.Ascending from the Baths

Castel's painting of women from different angles and varying perspectives expresses his humble relationship with nature – and his lofty respect for women. A woman in Castel's art is never an object, rather she is majestic. Like artists in the same period Castel portrays the five figures that are one.


5.The Artist and his Model, 1926

Moshe Castel painted this when he was 17 years old. It portrays his unique talent and reveals his ability at an early age. In preparation for his travel to Paris, Castel prepared a portfolio of his work which   showed his command of technical skills which was contemporary at the time. These works turned into his “signature” work. They are featured in the best known professional literature for Israeli artists and for international artists.


6.Water Carriers, 1930

The water jug, which is another motif, relates to women. It is common in Castel's art. A water jug contains inside it water from a well, the shape of the jug is reminiscent to a woman's shape – since both are the source  of life. This is an example of the way in which the artist brings subjects that are close to his heart even closer  – such as stones, water jugs, women, olives, nature – all building blocks in his art. This painting which began being painted in the 1930's was the time period when Castel was in Paris. It  expresses his longing for the people and views of the land of Israel.    


7.City of Zohar & Kabbalah, 1954

This drawing combines a few of Castel's motifs. It is an integration of Castel's Kabbalist ideas and other wide spread ideas of the time. It is unique, colorful and festive. One can see an aerial perspective  of the cities of Jerusalem and Safed which have encryptions in them.  One can also see a symbolic language that requests decryption – which give it another dimension. This is another aspect to Castel's uniqueness which is inspiring.


8.The Woman and the Fox Fur, 1928

This painting is one of the best loved pieces of Castel. It was painted in Paris in 1928 at the beginning of his career. It is believed this painting was influenced by his stay in France and of the artists of the time. There are images that relay other cultures and influences and at the same time he paints his connection to the land of Israel.


9.The Pesach Seder-A page from the "HAGADA" 1939 

Castel's paintings document moments of happiness and holiday festivities in family life. These kinds of paintings are the cornerstone of his early work. The painting of the seder Pesach is painted in a unique style for Castel. It is festive, colorful and full of mystical symbolism in keeping with tradition. This is a song of freedom full of majesty. This work is part of the scroll collection of Castel.


10.Road to Safed, 1940

This painting is a sample of Castel's development as an artist- the views of the Upper Galilee convey impressive presence. This paining is often used to document Castel as an artist.


11.The Road to Jerusalem , 1926 

Castel is known for his landscape art. The road to Jerusalem according to the prophecies of the people who were ascending to Jerusalem from Jaffa – is an expression of the atmosphere and view of  the Jerusalem area in the beginning of the 20th century. 



12.Ancient Figures, 1940

The paintings of Castel were influenced by the artistic styles of the period. Castel makes a connection with the archaeological discoveries of the time period. This led his his art in a variety of directions: paintings relating to writing and Basalt to motifs of ancient figure that convey his fascination with the past, as a source of inspiration to the present. This painting in particular expresses this trend which is enriched with colors and ingenuousness.


13.The Maiden from Castile 1927

This is one of Castel's famous works from his period in Paris. This painting depicts Castel's connection with his roots from Spain and his art from his time in Paris. The image of the woman in profile has a picture in the background of her surroundings with prominent colors of red, a black hat, and a pensive look of observation.   


14.Going to the Well, 1946

Castel relays symbolism through his images of women, water jugs, water and sun. These motifs convey the energy of life.


15.Composition 1944-1948

This painting, which has a plastic appearance, conveys a musical event that incites color, using elements from the time period. This painting includes elements and tones relating to Orient.